Black is the color of Death, Sacrifice, and Entropy. Planeswalkers who harness this mana draw on the memories of swamps, graveyards and other places of decay. Black spells tend to focus on sacrifice and risk, often sacrificing a planewalker’s life or defense for a stronger attack.


Black Creatures and spells are drawn from swamplands and graveyards. The most common types involve the undead such as zombies and vampires, but necromancers and witches are not uncommon. Black is the domain of death and blood magic, where a planeswalker often sacrifices either his own blood or that of his minions to gain a quick edge in battle


Black is the color most focus on taking risks. Many of the spells reduce a planeswalker’s life total in the hope of dealing more damage than you’ve lost. Black also has a healthy amount of ‘creature control’ spells that remove enemy creatures from play. Black creatures tend to have higher attack values in exchange for a certain drawback. Shambling Zombie, for example, has one of the worst move/initiative ratings in the game but has 20 attack and 20 defense.