Blue is the color of the mind, of control and of obstruction. Planeswalkers who use blue mana draw on their memories of the sea and sky, and of the vast wizard libraries. Blue strategies focus on controlling the situation by increasing the number of spells and abilities available to you and decreasing the resources available to your opponent. Blue focuses very heavily on the more abstract parts of the game, Card draw advantage, changing draws from the deck, and countering enemy abilities while leaving actual toe-to-toe fighting to other wizards.


Blue creatures and spells are drawn from both the deep oceans and skies of the planes as well as the less visible realm of spirits. Blue creatures are weak in attack and defense for their cost but often have powerful abilities to match them. Blue seeks to control the game in all its aspects – including what the opponent can and cannot do


Blue is the color that focuses the least on direct combat. Instead it relies on controlling the situation from the inside out. It has spells to gain you your most powerful cards as quickly as possible as well as denying your opponent the same. Blue creatures are some of the weakest in the game for their price, but many have abilities that help control the board or avoid the opponent’s blockers.