Patch NotesEdit

As patches are added to the game and annouced, thier content will be listed here. This may not be a complete list:



Corrected Iron Grappler to have 20 power which is the intended power of the creature.


Corrected text to accurately refer to Chandra Nalaar as a female.


Added a new crash reporting tool. If players receive error (0xc0150002), they should refer to this post to update their Windows dll files.



Enchantments that change a figure’ s health will now update properly.

Multiple Surgical Precisions now stack properly.

Berserker of Blood Ridge no longer incorrectly keeps its attack boost when returned to your hand and re-summoned.

Mind Controlled units that are returned to a players hand now correctly return it to the proper player’s hand.


Fixed an issue where the “Gone Rogue” daily campaign sometimes would not give a player the victory when all opposing units were defeated.

General The 3D viewer in the Collection will now work better with some low-end graphics cards.

A player that earns two levels at the same time will now get a pop up with the correct number of talent points earned.

Players should no longer crash at the end of a 1 player or 2 player game.