Red is the color of Aggression, destruction and speed. Planeswalkers who harness red mana draw on the memories of the mountains, volcanoes, and cliffsides. Red spells focus of clearing the area of your enemies and then sending in troops to fill the breach. Red focus very heavily on the attack, with little defense save for more offense.


Red creatures and spells are drawn from the wild mountains and cliffsides of a world. The barbarian and goblin tribes form most of a red mage’s army, with massive ogres and giants lending their bulk when needed. Red is an active color that seeks a quick victory through sheer overpowering of its opponent.


Red Spells focus on sheer damage. Most sorcery spells deal damage directly to either a planeswalker or his minions, allowing you to either clear the field of troublesome creatures or to drain an enemy planeswalker of his life total. Red lacks heavily in defense however, and many of the Set I creatures don’t extert a zone of control, meaning enemy creatures can run right around them and towards you with little effort. Red also has little to no card advantage, and has trouble keeping the pressure on an opponent in a long game.