White is the color of protection, healing and order. Planeswalkers who harness this mana draw on memories of plainslands, towns and settlements. White spells tend to focus on defensive play with spells to protect and heal the planeswalkers’ creatures during battle.


White creatures and spells are drawn from plains and fields. These areas are often populated by races such as Humans, Lionen (lionfolk), and kithkin. White has a very military bent, with the highest number of soliders and knights of any color, with angels often serving as high-end flying creatures. Relgious themes also often show up in white spells, with priests and religious iconary common.


White spells often focus on preventing or healing damage, with spells such as Protective Sphere and Samite Healer. White creatures often have high defense and lower attack, with a focus on cheaper creatures. White’s military bent is also shown in its heavy use of Viligance and First Strike. A player with a white deck often starts with a slow defensive strategy, using enchantment spells to boost their smaller creatures to an eventual dominance in numbers. White decks also often feature passive creature control like pacifism, to stop enemy creatures that have become too powerful too quickly.